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Why it works


Residential training works because dogs love to learn and want to please. Dogs are our passion and we have the time and patience to give your dog the continuity needed to learn the vital skills, then hand things over to you, showing you how to handle your dog to keep him focussed and happy.


Everyone who gets a dog starts with the best intentions, but many find it difficult to devote the time needed for training, or become frustrated with slow progress so they spend less time working with the dog. That's when the bad habbits start and the dog starts to take over, doing what he or she wants instead of what you want. A dog on a residential course receives consistent and continuous training and with an experienced handler in a dog-focussed environment.


A trained dog is a happy, responsive and will not get himself (or you) into trouble.


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01923 447447 or 07881 950435

How it Works


During an initial assessment, we discuss your needs and expectations and observe where you and your dog are with training. We look at any specific  behavioural issues and put together a training plan, taking into account breed, age and circumstances. You will be able to watch us at work with other dogs to see how we will start to train your dog.


We then book your dog in for a residential stay in our home and the fun begins. During the stay we aim to produce a focused dog that can switch between excitement where appropriate and back to calm when it is more appropriate. We spend valuable, positive and rewarding time with your dog as we gain trust, bringing focus and a dog that enjoys working and learning new skills.


During your dog's stay we will update you each day with progress, videos and photos.


Once you have your dog home it is vital that you keep up the training. We give an intensive hand over to you and all the family who will be involved with your dog. You will have exercises to stick to so you can keep the training up. You will also be able to join us for pack walks or top-up training just to make sure that you have got your dog where you want him / her to be.

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Whats Next?


Simply Fill out the form opposite and we will get right back to you.


We then book your dog in for assessment and then invite you to come and see what we can do and put together a training program for you and your dog.


We will then require a 50% fee payable when your dog joins us.


Then the fun begins.


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Residential Training

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